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Stana: Hi guys! We did this challenge because so many of our friends and so many of you challenged us, but mostly we did this because we were inspired by Anthony Carbajal’s ALS challenge video. 
Jon: We thank all of you for challenging us, but Anthony showed us how real ALS is and what our pledges really mean to the cause.
Seamus: So instead of nominating someone specific, we challenge everyone out there who has not done the ice bucket challenge to go out and do it and please donate. (x)

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get to know me meme | favourite celebrities: dylan o’brien

↳ I’m 22 and I still think I’m young as an actor. I have so much to learn.

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                               here’s the best thing that I’ve ever wanted
                                             I’ll do anything to justify
                                                  all of my actions
                                                      so be real

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People outside the U.S.: The fuck is going on in America?
People inside the U.S.: The fuck is going on here?


Two separate eyewitness accounts, telling the exact same story.

(x) and (x)

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make me choose
↳  asked: Chandler Bing or Paige Matthews

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